To begin this blog post, I should mention that Thiago Passos and I have created a YouTube channel called Angular in 5 Minutes. We started this channel after we ran an Angular Hackday and realising that around 80% of the attendees have no experience in Angular. It made us think of how to pass on our knowledge of Angular in the simplest way.

How to start?

Starting is not easy, moving onwards is even harder. You can start a project and quickly abandon it. But that is not what we want in this project. We want to keep our commitment to share our knowledge to those that need it. It becomes our drive to keep moving forward. You need to find your motivation for why you want to share your experience.

Who's your target audience?

Find your target audience early before you start your project. Having specific target audience will help you to tailor the content. It will also help you in how you deliver your content to the audience.

How exactly do we gain knowledge by sharing it?

Many say that teaching someone else is the best way to learn. In my opinion, that is very true.

When you teach someone else, you are forced to go back to the basic. Sometimes, we missed some bits and pieces that we didn't know when we first learn the basic.

When you teach someone else, you have to level yourself to your audiences' knowledge level on that particular stuff. You can't expect your audience, for example, to understand Dependency Injection concept when they are just starting to code a Hello World.

When you teach someone else, you learn to deliver your knowledge in a way that can be quickly understood by your audiences.

When you teach someone else, unknowingly you have built yourself up in many aspects that you will never attain if you keep all the knowledge to yourself.